The church is located right next to the Wenceslaus Square but it is covered by the surrounding buildings. It is only a fragment of what it should have been, according to the plans of its founder, Charles IV. He established the church in 1347 as a three-nave basilica and it should have been a 100 meters long and it should have served as a representative coronation temple. Before the Hussite’s wars, they managed to only build the presbytery, which was consecrated in 1379. During the wars, the work on the church stopped but the church was used by Jan Želivský, who preached here. He was a radical priest and a leader of the Prague poor people. He led the angry mob from the Church of our Lady of the Snows to the New Town Town Hall. They stopped at the church of St. Stephen, where he held the ceremony, and then they reached the Town Hall. The angry mob threw the councillors out of the windows and this was the first Prague Defenestration on the 30th June, 1419. Želivský was too radical and dangerous and so, he was executed in 1422 by the moderate wing of the Hussite. He was buried in the Church of Our Lady of the Snows.

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