You will arrive at the Golden Lane, u Daliborky, by turning left in the middle of the Jiřská Street, into the alley, U Daliborky. The name of this attractive touristic spot is derived from the legend about the alchemists. The legend says that during the reign of Rudolf II., the alchemists lived here and they were trying to create gold.
In fact, the street became a temporary refuge to the goldsmiths, who were looking for a place to sstay after the great fire in 1541, which explains the oldest name of the street, the Goldsmiths. During the reign of Rudolf II. and at the end of the 16th century, the castle shooters asked the emperor to enable them to build small dwellings in the niches of the fortifications. The little strange houses of the guards started to appear and they were later purchased by the other residents of the castle. More and more buildings and dwellings emerged but they lacked a sewerage system, which made the living-conditions unsustainable for the future. During the reign of Mary Teresa, she ordered that the wooden houses had to be replaced by brick plastered houses and the rehabilitation of this alley occurred in 1864.
The picturesque houses remained and its beauty attracted the visitors of the castle. After World War II, the houses were redeemed from the original owners and the whole street was renovated by the architect, Pavel Janák. The painter and the genius creator of the puppet films, Jiří Trnka, also helped with the modifications of the facades. Nowadays, there are tourist gift shops and snacks in the Golden Lane. The house number 22 has an inscription that proclaims that Franz Kafka wrote some of his works here.

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