This synagogue was built at the end of the 17th century on the place with three original KLAUS buildings (German word Klaus- small building). These three buildings were built with the assistance of the prominent patron and the Primate of the Prague Jewish Community, Mordechai Maisel. The first Klaus was a school of Talmud, the second was a synagogue and the third was a hospital. The current building is next to the Old Jewish Cemetery and it was built in the Baroque style and it is the largest synagogue of the community. The synagogue displays an exposition that describes the general Jewish traditions and customs, as well as the daily life of Jews.
You can admire the manuscripts and prints that are of unique value. Prague was the oldest typographic centre on the north side of Alps and the reputation of the Prague Jewish printers was known all over Europe. The oldest and the most famous Prague Jewish print house belonged to Gershom Cohen and it operated in Prague for over three centuries.

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