It is likely that the Charles Bridge was supposed to have a similar or the same tower on the Lesser Town end, as there on the Old Town end. However, Václav IV, son of Charles IV, was not as rigorous a ruler as his father and he ruled in an especially difficult time of growing social crisis, which escalated in the Hussite revolution. All of this probably prevented the construction of the proposed Lesser Town Bridge Tower. Nowadays, the Lesser Town side has two towers connected with the Gothic gate from the time of the finishing of the bridge. On the left there is the smaller and older, originally Romanesque style, tower from the first fortification of Judith Bridge. Judith’s Tower was reconstructed in the Renaissance style in 16th century. The second and taller bridge tower was built during the reign of Jiří z Poděbrad in the Gothic style, between years 1458-1471. It is not as decorative as the Old Town Bridge Tower but it is over 40 meters high. The last adjustments were made in the 19th century by the architect, Josef Mocker, who is also the creator of the Neo-Gothic completion of St. Vitus Cathedral. The accessible walkway provides a beautiful view over Prague.

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