In 1475, the construction of a new entrance gate to the Old Town had begun. It was a gift to the king, Vladislav II of house Jagellons, from the councillors of the Old Town. The gate was built right next to the King’s Court, which was where previous kings had resided for 100 years, which is today’s Municipal House. The gate was designed by the architect, Matyáš Rejsek, and it was built in the late Gothic style. The gate was not finished because the king, Vladislav II, was concerned about his safety and he moved to the newly finished Prague castle. The unfinished gate was later used to store gunpowder, hence the name Powder Gate.
The current appearance of the gate dates from the second half of the 19th century. It was completed in the pseudo-gothic style by the famous Czech architect, Josef Mocker, who also contributed to the completion of Saint Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle. The tower is 65 meters high and has over 186 stone steps that you can climb up to view the gallery. The rich outdoor sculptural decorations include statues of Czech kings or breasts of the builder Matyáš Rejsek.

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