The rotunda of the holy cross is considered to be the oldest Prague rotunda. It is located on the corner of the Konvktská Street and the street of Karolína Světlá. Since it is the only Romanesque building it is impossible to miss. It is assumed that it was established after the year 1125, even though the first written mention of it is from the time of Charles IV. It consists of a typical round nave with the dome and apse on the east side. The rotunda was almost torn down, due to additional constructions. However, thanks to Josef Manes it was bought and preserved. On the walls you can see the rest of the Gothic paintings and there is a Neo-Romanesque fence that was designed by Josef Manes.
The legend says that the Rotunda was built on the place of the old pond in which the crucified girl was thrown into, after she became a Christian against the will of her parents during the pagan time.

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