The Stone Bell House is located at the east side of the square and it is considered to be the most beautiful palace of the square. The house was built between the 13th and early 14th centuries in the exceptionally refined Gothic style. After the burnout of the royal palace at the Prague Castle in 1303, the Stone Bell House became a temporary royal residence of Jan of Luxembourg and his wife Eliška Přemyslovna, and it is also very likely that it was the birthplace of their son Vaclav, the later Emperor Charles IV. (1316).
The house sign, a stone bell on the corner of the house, most likely symbolizes and recalls Jan of Luxembourg’s entry into the city in 1310. The city was occupied by the temporary Czech king, Henry of Carinthia, and Jan of Luxembourg struggled to conquer Prague for a long time. The chronicles of the Zbraslav reports state that he finally overcame the walls after the prearranged signal of the bell ringing. The bell on the houses is reminder of this historic event.
Today, the palace is used by the Prague Gallery and it hosts various prestigious exhibitions and social events. On the ground floor there is a café, a bookshop and also a place where you can get information about cultural events in Prague.

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